The abandoned RX7 FD3S: Part 1 – Our search and (sorta)rescue story.

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There’s an RX7 FD somewhere under that thick layer of dust…

I came upon this sad scene when browsing the auctions today – an abandoned RX7 FD.

The owner says he parked it in the barn back in 2010 after having clutch troubles and getting tired of fixing it. As you can see, it’s been sitting ever since. The body is covered in a thick layer of dust – the only clean spot looks like an area that someone cleared off the window to peek inside. I’m not sure if all that dust will buff out, but we’re going to try! 

From the outside, it doesn’t look all that valuable. Other than the Desmond Regamaster wheels, it has a dated wing that should go in the trash, and some body panels that might never be clean again. Then you pop the hood…


The engine bay is loaded. Now, I’m sure the rotary is in a pretty sad state after sitting for nearly seven years, but look at this list of mods:

  • T78-29D Turbo kit (good for 450HP at low boost)
  • Greddy 3 layer Front Mount Intercooler
  • HKS F-Con V Pro
  • Upgraded injectors & fuel pump
  • ARC Radiator
  • Greddy Wastegate
  • Greddy BOV
  • Revolution Coilovers
  • Fujita Engineering Exhaust
  • Apexi muffler

Inside doesn’t look half bad, either.

A nice pair of Recaro seats that look pretty mint. The steering wheel doesn’t look very worn either, so our guess based on this pictures is that the interior is in great shape. After all, no one has sat in it for nearly a decade…

So what are we going to do?

Right now it’s listed on Yahoo Auctions. The auction ends in 3 days – we’re watching it and we’re going to place a bid when the date gets closer.

If we win, we’re going to be forced to part it out – it’s too new to import to the USA (stupid import laws!), and after being stored for 7+ years, the amount of work it’ll take to get it running again isn’t on our list of to-dos. We would have to re-do quite literally everything: fuel lines, the gas tank is probably rusted, the body would more than likely need a repaint with all that fused dust, and the engine will need who-knows-how-much work. 

But hey, someone out there looking for a 13B that needs some work will be happy, and we’ll have a full body and interior’s worth of an RX7 FD on our online store. It’s a sad end to such a nice car, but we feel like it’s the best course for something that will need this much to revive it. 

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll (hopefully!) have a post about a winning bid and it being on the way to our yard in Osaka. When we post it, we’ll send an alert to our mailing list – subscribe to that below so you don’t miss it! 

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