We've cracked the code on getting JDM parts, engines, and wheels into the USA without the outrageous fees, by crowdsourcing a shipping container to hundreds of buyers. 


A regular set of 4 wheels costs over $500 to ship from Japan by air. A container costs thousands to ship by sea. Most people can't fill a container on their own, but what if they knew 100 people that also needed parts too? We get hundreds of buyer's parts into one container, cutting the cost of shipping dramatically. 


Buy new and used

We can buy brand new from any manufacturer in Japan, from Dealerships to HKS and everything in-between. If you're shopping used, you'll have access to thousands of used parts at the auctions, as well as anything at UpGarage, Autobacs, Yellow Hat, and any online retailer.

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Rock bottom pricing

Our prices truly have no comparison. On average, members are saving 40% on JDM parts and engines using our service. What would your build look like if you spent an extra 40%? Take a look at our price chart by clicking the link below, and see some highlights of the auctions to see how much you could be saving. 

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Search and bid yourself

You find the parts you want. No more waiting for someone to sell the wheels you want on eBay for a $2000 markup. No more requests for parts to unresponsive companies. You call the shots: you browse translated pages, find the parts you want, and place a bid on them yourself.

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