Browsing UpGarage

How to Browse UpGarage and purchase items through JDM Buyer


Browsing UpGarage is a lot easier than Yahoo Auctions thanks to the pictures in their category listings. You can also browse by car brand and model, whereas Yahoo only allows by brand.




To choose a car manufacturer, use the top set of icons under the heading "Search by Model".




Clicking on the brand brings you to the page to select the type of car you want to search for.


Some of the model names aren't perfectly translated, so you may need to do some looking around to find what you're looking for, but it's all there. From what we can tell, all the popular models (Skyline, Supra, RX7, etc.) are all translated well. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we'll help you out.


Browsing Categories


Again, the categories are easy to navigate thanks to the pictures, and since you know the category name you can figure out what a bad translation means. Let's look at coilovers.





"Around the legs" has the picture of coilovers next to it. Hovering your mouse over that option brings up a list with a few items "Car harmony", "shock", "Susquit", etc. Clicking each category brings up items, so you may need to click around a bit, but coilovers are in "Car Harmony". "Susquit" has some lowering options too, but it's mostly OEM struts.





Once you're in this screen, you can see all the items in that category, and use filters/searches on the left to narrow the list down to what you're looking for. Each item has a price (tax included), and a listing of what store it is at. We're going to look at the third item in the list, the HKS HIPER MAX Performer.




This page gives you all the details about the item - the Maker (HKS), cars it's compatible with (R34 GTR), Spring Rate, and then information about the flaws in the product. All it lists as damage is a missing rear damping dial. Pretty reasonable for a $550 set of coilovers!


If you like the item you find, submit a purchase request using our contact form. Once we have secured payment from you, we will contact UpGarage and order the item.


    • UpGarage doesn't show shipping prices online, however their shipping fees are reasonable and inline with shipping costs from auction. If you'd like to cut down on shipping fees, choose stores in Osaka (where our yard is located), or stores on the mainland. For example, we purchased a stabilizer bar from an UpGarage location in mainland Japan and shipping was just under $20. Avoiding Okinawa and Hokkaido will save you a bit of money.