Bidding Terms of Service

Terms of Service for bidding through JDM Buyer


By accepting the services of JDM Buyer ( you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions whether you have read them or not.

A client is a person for whom we hold a deposit or have otherwise agreed to act for. If a client is acting on behalf of a third party, the person acting on behalf of that third party takes the responsibility of client. Third parties may not submit bids unless expressly given permission to do so by JDM Buyer (

JDM Buyer ( acts as agent to the client for buying parts and clients should expect wear and tear when buying them in second-hand condition.

Parts at auction are not in the possession of JDM Buyer ( Condition and grading are assessed by sellers with no connection to JDM Buyer ( and they prepare their own listing. JDM Buyer ( offers no warranty or guarantee of condition, and the purchaser purchases at his or her own risk.

JDM Buyer ( cannot be held responsible nor liable for anything beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to: differences in regulations between Japan and buyer’s country; any errors or damage caused by transporters, shipping companies and shipping agents; shipping availability and schedules; any costs and/or expenses incurred; mechanical and/or electronic failures; corrosion; exchange rates; force majeure (flooding, war etc).

When buying through auction, the full cost of the purchase must be paid as directed within 30 working days of notification of a closed auction along with any applicable costs and fees. Failure to pay to the above schedule may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default, and said items become property of JDM Buyer. JDM Buyer ( will impose discretionary bidding fees on any client abusing our system by submitting numerous unsuccessful bids.

When a client submits a purchase form, JDM Buyer ( will make purchase of the item on behalf of the client, but may at its discretion decline to purchase. If the item is no longer for sale when JDM Buyer ( receives funds from the client, the client is expected to either purchase a similar item or request a refund. No refunds are available when a client cancels when the item is still available for purchase.

When refunds are made, the amount is less bank fees. 

If a client cancels after JDM Buyer ( purchases or makes an agreement to purchase an item on the client’s behalf or is unable to apply the client’s cancellation prior to purchase, the client will forfeit any funds deposited with JDM Buyer ( and the purchased item will become property of JDM Buyer (

Agreements pertaining to bidding or purchase in general is made through submissions of forms through the website Note though that clarification may be sought through telephone or any other form of communication. JDM Buyer is the final arbiter regarding communications in such cases.

JDM Buyer ( reserves the right to bid up to 1,000 Yen or $10 USD above the bidder’s maximum bid price to account for currency fluctuations.

Any bids submitted via Paypal are subject to a 3% fee to cover currency fluctuations and fees charged by the payment processor. Bids submitted are converted to USD by using the lowest conversion rate within the last 30 days. 

The client is responsible for understanding the terms of the auction. In the event a client places a bid on an item that the seller will not ship, JDM Buyer is not responsible for any costs or fees associated with canceling the purchase.

JDM Buyer ( or their agent of choice will export the item(s) from Japan.

JDM Buyer ( and the client submit to the jurisdiction of any court chosen by JDM Buyer ( with respect to any dispute arising from these terms and conditions.

If any provision of this contract is later held invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid.

JDM Buyer ( reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.