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You will be charged your maximum bid to your Paypal account. If you are outbid, we will refund your money. Please email us for a faster refund. If you win the item, you'll be charged our commission and shipping rate once the item arrives at our yard in Osaka - usually 7-14 business days after bidding closes.

Please submit your maximum bid as early as possible. We cannot guarantee last minute bids. 




Browsing the Auctions - UpGarage

Submit bids using the form above.

1. Find your item on Yahoo Auctions

- For help with finding items, view our browsing guide.

2. Copy the URL and paste it into the "item URL" box.

3. Place your bid in the "Maximum bid" box. To calculate the cost of an item, use a currency converter, or search google for "yen to usd", and type your yen amount into the "Japanese Yen" box.

- To buy the item for the Prompt Decision (buy it now) price, enter the amount of the Prompt Decision price in the Maximum Bid box and our system will recognize it as a buy it now request.

4. Agree to bidding terms, and click submit!

5. If you are outbid at the time of bidding, we will refund you automatically. If you are outbid after your initial bid, our system may take up to 4 hours to recognize you were outbid before it processes your refund. Please email or call us to be refunded more quickly.

6. All bids are for the item price only. You will be charged our commission, and our flat rate pricing in a separate invoice.

You will receive a payment confirmation if your bid was received successfully. If you are not emailed a payment confirmation from Paypal within 5 minutes, please resubmit your bid. 


Notes on bidding 

  • Bidding is like bidding on eBay. Your max bid is only reached if someone is bidding against you. For example - if an items has zero bids and starts at 50 yen, and you bid one million yen, but you are the only bid at auction ending, you are only charged 50 yen. If someone else bids 5,000 yen, your bid will be 5001 yen. You will only be outbid when someone bids 1,000,001 yen. 
  • For that reason, we recommend bidding your absolute maximum bid as your first bid so you do not need to keep re-bidding
  • In the last hour of bidding, each new bid extends the clock to the nearest 10 minutes. There is no such thing as "bid sniping" like on eBay.